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Authorize & Capture, Partial Capture option available.
Authorize and Capture' is one of the most important feature for payment gateway service and ecommerce website owner also. After successful authorization of an order, ePaymentsglobal.com gives you total control of the options that you can choose for the transaction.

The available options are as below:

When a successful order is placed by the customer it is shown in your control panel in uncaptured state.  If you want to entertain this order you must capture it within 12 days otherwise the order will be cancelled automatically and customer’s credit card will not be charged in any way.

To mark the transaction as delivered you need to settle the transaction by providing required delivery proof details.  Only the transactions with status delivered are eligible for payment.  When you mark the transaction as delivered the customer’s credit card will be charged for the order amount.

If for some reason you do not want to entertain the order you can cancel the transaction.  In case of cancelled transaction customer’s credit card will not be charged and transaction is not eligible for payment also.  In addition to it no cancellation charges / penalties / TDR applied that is charged by major payment gateway providers.
Pending Delivery

If, for some unforeseen reasons, you are unable to fulfill your customer's orders within 12 days, you can utilize the 'Pending Delivery' option.   Later when you deliver the order you can re capture the order and mark it as delivered by providing required delivery proof details.
Partial Capture

In control panel you are also provided with option to partially capture the order.  You just need to mark the order items that you want to deliver and order for other items will be cancelled automatically.  Your customer’s credit card will be charged with your partially captured order amount and remaining amount will be cancelled. Here also there will not be any cancellation charge / penalty.