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Security is a key concern while making online payment over the internet.  In other words the security means to keep all sensitive information, including personal details as well as credit card information confidential through encryption and using other security standards.

At ePaymentsglobal.com, we have ensured you to keep you away from all these worry and complexity of security standard requirements at your end. 

ePaymentsglobal.com is Thwate Certified Secured Site which ensures the confidentiality of the information provided by the customer while making the online payment. The payment gateway is integrated with risk management system, which controls the risk more competently.
We feature:
  • ePaymentsglobal.com accepts strict security standards to assure that a customer's genuine information and his credit card details are completely protected..
  • Your customers enter all their personal information and credit card details on ePaymentsglobal.com secure server and the same is encrypted before it is transmitted over the Internet.  All the details are encrypted with the industry-standard SSL before it is passed over the internet to the payment gateway and our bank servers.   SSL (Standard Sockets Layer) Technology  is used worldwide for data encryption and online security
  • We do not store customer’s credit card information.
  • Instant online authorization using card number and expiry date.  Credit Card Authorization is done using our bank’s high end secure Payment Gateway.
  • Complete data confidentiality maintained
  • ePaymentsglobal.com supports the newest security protocols required by banks and card issuers.
  • ePaymentsglobal.com also follows strict in-house security guidelines for ensuring confidentiality of your customer information
  • Since the Payment Gateway application software is maintained at The Bank's secure high end server, new payment technologies, standards and features are automatically implemented as they emerge. The payment gateway is integrated with risk management component, which empowers them with the ability to control risk effectively
  • ePaymentsglobal.com is registered with Thawte, the world's best and most trust worthy
    Net Authentication Agency. Click here to verify our certificate.
  • We also ask for the security code - last three digits printed on the signature strip on the back of your card at the point of making payment online

This security code consists of  3 or 4-digit numeric code that is printed at the back of the credit card along with (after) the credit card number, where the card holder signs in his signature on the card. This additional 3 or 4 digit numeric code is neither embossed on the card nor available in the magnetic stripe. This security feature is known as CVV2 for Visa and CVC2 for MasterCard.

This security code ensures that the person submitting the online transaction is actually holding the card. ePaymentsglobal.com asks your customer to provide this numeric code for your order and card processor (i.e. Visa or MasterCard) will validate the supplied code with the number on record for the specific card, and allows or declined the transaction.

Since the code cannot be copied from charge slips / receipts or skimmed from the magnetic band it prevents hackers and fraudulent to misuse the credit card and keep them away from the system.The Credit Card Verification process is expensive one and because of it, it is not incorporated by most of the payment gateway providers.