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Online Payment Integration Gateway offers multiple payment solutions with multiple online payment integration processing solution to suit almost all business models and help merchants to benefit from the exponential e-commerce growth across the globe. Online Payment Integration priority has been always safeguarding interests of both the merchant as well as its clients. Online payment integration provides a distinctive model focused on providing a professional, consultative and merchant-centric payment processing service. Online payment integration has earned a reputation to emerge as one of the top solution provider in the world of E-commerce industry.

Online Payment Processing has given options to launch a solution to enable small and medium sized merchants to accept payments online to benefit from the escalating e-commerce growth. Online payment integration has now varied solutions to offer and enhance the growth of various business models and industries. Online payment integration allows any website, web merchant, online business to procure a secure payment by credit card (Visa, MasterCard) on its website without any further technical or human investment. Online payment gateway integration also includes a high protection system of the private part of your website to forbid any unauthorized access.


ePaymentsglobal.com payment gateway service is easy to integrate in any of your website irregardless of the programming language or platform.  It uses simple html form post mechanism.  To integrate the payment gateway service you just need to post required parameters to the ePaymentsglobal.com secure server.  


We provide integration API's for posting back variables to your own database as well as allow you to designate a pre-determined URL (on your web site) for successful and failure transactions. 


Always use a payment gateway that provides merchants with fast, reliable and secure passage for transaction data via a 128-bit Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) Internet Protocol (IP) connection, and effectively manage the complex routing of payment information to the appropriate credit card processors.


The entire process of integrating your site with ePaymentsglobal.com can be executed in as little as 30 minutes.