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ePaymentsglobal has developed an order template that does not require the merchant to run a database engine or shopping cart program, and can therefore be used from any existing Web site.

When a merchants customer goes to the merchants web page using this template, the customer is eventually led to an order page on the merchants Web site listing available items where the customer can select quantities of these items to purchase.


When the customer selects the Submit button from this order page, the customer is passed to a secure page on the ePayments Secure Transaction Processing Server. This secure page prompts the customer for name, address, credit card and other information. ePaymentsglobal then uses this information to process the transaction on a real-time basis.

The customer is then presented with an HTML page that indicates the status of the transaction, and if the transaction is approved, email summarizing the transaction is automatically sent to both the merchant and the customer. If the transaction is declined, only the merchant receives the summary email.
Detailed Working and Explanation of Payment Gateways
A) Customer visits your site, makes purchase decisions and now wants to pay.

B) By clicking on the “Checkout”button on your site, the final purchase amount is forwarded to ePaymentsglobal.

C) The customer is directed to ePaymentsglobal checkout page where he has various payment options available to him (such as Visa, Master Card)

D) ePaymentsglobal then validates the transaction after which the customer is sent back to your site with the status of the transaction.

E) ePaymentsglobal then updates your accounts and also sends you an e-mail of the copy of your customers order and delivery address. On completion of the order, you can update your accounts and receive payments from ePaymentsglobal.