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With online business, as in any traditional business, setting up and processing costs can cost huge chunks of your hard earned profits; if you are not careful. Allow us to show you why ePaymentsglobal.com makes better business sense as your preferred payment gateway. Let's say, after extensive research and planning of your e-commerce project you have arrived at your annual projections. Let us assume your projected annual sales stand at about Rs. 20,00,000 from your website in a year from now, with a healthy profit margin of 10%. That would be approximately Rs. 2,00,000. Sounds good? But chances are, you would not actually end up making that much. Here's why. Eg: Your projected sales: Rs 20,00,000
Profit margin: 10%
Profit (in Rs.) 2,00,000
Particulars Other Payment
How it Affects
Your Profit
ePaymentsglobal.com How it Affects
Your Profit
  Sales Commission Fees 7% Rs.1,86,000/- 7% (Azaadi 4 Plan) Rs.1,86,000/-
  Setup Fees 75000/- Rs.1,11,000/- 9,990/- * Rs.1,76,010/-
  Security Deposit 50000/- (minimum) Rs.61,000/- NIL Rs.1,76,010/-
  Gateway Rent (annual) Rs.9000/- Rs.52,000/- 2700/- * Rs.1,73,310/-
  Annual cost of 128Bit SSL   Certificate Rs.42000/- Rs.10,000/- NIL (ePayments has
its own SSL Certificate)
  Other Miscellaneous   Expenses extra   NIL  
  Finally Your Profit   Rs.10,000/- (minimum)   Rs.1,73,310/- (maximum)
  * Service Tax and Education Cess as applicable
Bigger Profits with No Hidden Costs
As you can see, by utilizing ePaymentsglobal payment gateway services, you actually make a profit of Rs.1,73,310/- compared to the minimal profit of just Rs.10,000/- if you opted for any other payment gateway service. All you pay is a one-time set up fee and Transaction Discount rate on each transaction. There are absolutely no hidden costs with ePaymentsglobal. Here you have no need for elaborate software, large databases and expensive processing capabilities at your end.
Leading Payment Gateways Integration' facilitates Complete Payment Solution!
ePaymentsglobal has integrated Payment Gateway of leading bank to ensure 'Zero' downtime of our payment gateway services. All you do is register with ePaymentsglobal and you can utilise the best services these major payment gateway at almost negligible costs.

Nobody in India today, not even the Financial Institutions of India providing e-com solutions, offers such a wide bouquet of payment gateway solutions as ePaymentsglobal does. And this bouquet is growing; as ePaymentsglobal continuously works towards integrating as many online Indian and Foreign Banks as possible, all of whom offer Net Banking facilities to their clients.

As we said in the beginning, ePaymentsglobal gives your business the 'profit edge' with comprehensive, affordable e-commerce solutions! It is the only payment gateway in India leaving you to focus on more important issues, like new business initiatives and competitive marketing strategies.